After 18 long years!!! This story starts back in 1991 after a summer of juvenile deliquency I found myself heading to jail. Before I went, my then girlfriend informed me she was pregnant with my child.and after I got out her family was moving away. I was able to visit my daughter on a few brief occassions in late 1992/early 1993 but haven't seen or heard from her since. Since my ex-girlfriend was a minor when our daughter was born she was able to move away and I was unable to find out where to. Her mother really disliked me.

This brings us to TODAY! 2011 Tabatha Cornwall is now 18 nearly 19 this February 14th, yep she was born on Valentine's Day_ I remember thinking to myself when I was in jail when she was born how every valentines day now Id have someone special to share it with :)

I don't know what made me start searching but I decided to pay for a people search and sure enough she popped up with a FACEBOOK! and she was no longer in California but South Dakota and now Going to College in Colorado! All grown up, beautiful,smart,witty a chip off the old block, lol!

 I really didn't know what to expect -what she'd been told-how she felt me not being in her life-BUT I had to take the chance now that I finally found her so I FRIENDED her on Facebook and....she ACCEPTED!

At first she had lots of questions_which I expected- and I told her the truth, told her about my life and where I've been, what I've done and she has started to tell me all about herself-I savor every word waiting for the next-I missed everything til this point but no longer wanna stay in the shadows-We have talked about Re-Uniting in Las #Vegas this May when she's out of school for summer break ! I am extremely nervous but very excited with anticipation. I am gonna reach out to my friends to help me make her visit VERY special!


@MelissaOvard and @greendirl @ThunderVegas @ExcaliburVegas
OH what a night!!!
FREE tickets thanks to Twitter!!!
SUPER HOT guys with great bods dancing all over for 2+ hours when I die and go to heaven I hope this is it;)

'Daybreakers' Trailer HD



Sorry It's been soooooo long since we posted anything on the BLOG:( We have been super busy with the holidays and work trying to make it all happen, you know!
We will be back on Skype after the NEW YEAR and we are going to be doing POSTING Videos on our Youtube Channel EVERY Monday-Wednesday & Friday at 7pm PST and then we will go LIVE on Ustream from 7:30 until its over.
Starting in Febraury after the TV show LOST we will be going LIVE on Ustream immediately after each episode to discuss the episodes, theories and more.
TO THE FAMILY: Miles REALLY enjoyed the cards and he got himself some really cool LEGO sets and VIDEO Games to keep himself busy. He's still a skater at heart so once the sun comes up until it goes down he's out skating but now he's got some fresh stuff to do now the sun goes down by 5.
Sara-Thanks so much for the family Christmas Card-You have such a lovely family and I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing what a wonderful life you lead.
Sean & Jen-Is your internet down? I can never Skype you anymore? I see Jen comment on my Facebook. I read the blog though so I know whats going on. Glad to hear the girls had a great Christmas and you got some NEW toys as well. Call me F*$#&@'s
Mom & Mike-How's the dogs? I bet they come in handy keeping the lap warm now when its cold out! Haven't heard from you since you got the NEW internet. Wasssup!! I see you keep busy with the blog and I'm sure you have some other healthy internet addictions as Give us a call-send us an ORIGINAL email. SKYPE us!
We love you all and miss you very much it's been way too long. Now that we ALL have decent internet and Webcams we should be able to get together and visit now & again. BUT 1st you all NEED 2 get on TWITTER
JEN & MOM I see you've already joined and dropped out. TRY IT Again BUT this time go DOWNLOAD TweetDeck its an application to make twitter FUN.
I'm telling you-Companies,Celebrities,Airlines,and everyone is using it and right now it's in its infancy so theres LOTS of great giveaways!!!
I mean I have won 1000's of $$$ worth of stuff in the last year. I mean last week I just won 50yd line tickets to the Las Vegas Maaco Bowl(Oregon St vs BYU)SOLD OUT Event and all I did was ReTweet a message on Twitter for @ESPNZoneVegas.
You get Twitter Specials like extra $$ off or FREE stuff from places you normally go.Celebrities give away vacations -airlines give FREE airfare & the List goes on!!
Do it after all it was the #4 most googled word of 2009!!!!!When you do Follow me @scottdavisvegas and @offthestrip I will help you find whoever you wanna follow or whatever help you need.

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